Desexing Program

We understand the costs associated with desexing your dog can be one of the reasons many owners often put this procedure off.  Thanks to recent funding through the wonderful teams at SavourLife and Petbarn, SSRAI will be able to help dozens of owners across the country towards the cost of desexing their beloved shepherds through reimbursement of $100-00 for male dogs and $200-00 for females dogs.  Female spay procedures are always higher than male castration and our reimbursement through this program has taken this into consideration.

To be eligible :
- You need to be the legal owner of a shepherd (or shepherd cross)
- Hold a current Centrelink issued Health Care Card (HCC) or Pension Card.
- Have a non-desexed male or female shepherd (or shepherd cross breeds) to be desexed and
- Desexing to occur within 4wks of approval/allocation
You can be located anywhere in the country and surgery is conducted through your own vet.  

Applications are accepted until funds allocated to our desexing program are fully assigned.  A reimbursement agreement will be issued once your application is  approved and submission of your dogs spay/castration certificate will be required to receive your $100/$200 reimbursement.

To apply, please submit your application via the button below and a member of our team will be in touch.

SSRAI is run exclusively by volunteers. Due to most of us working full-time, the quickest way to gain a response is to send an email.
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