Hi, I'm Chilli!

I am in permanent care in: VIC | Sponsor me from $10 a month
Age: 4.5
Sex: Male
Breed: White Swiss Shepherd
Size: Large
Colour: White
Desexed: Yes
Favourite Food: Teddy bears?
Favourite Activity: Suckling teddy bears!

Chilli is in our permanent care programme
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Chilli dog arrived into care with us at 6 months of age, on a huge amount of medication to sedate him, due to his anxiety and depression. What we found was that Chilli dog did not suffer from any of this, he simply was a puppy and the family he was from were not coping. A long term care plan was put in place for Chilli to ensure he got the quality positive care and training he so desperately needed. We have ended up with an insanely hyperactive family member, but we absolutely adore him! We also found he had a huge issue when it came to hearing, this has slowly improved with high and really low pitch noises. Chilli loves his best friend Mischka and suckling on his teddy bears. He has a magnificent "chomp chomp" and sounds like our very own little alligator! Unfortunately Chilli developed a degree of upper airway inflammation and tonsillitis which is still being managed for him today.

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