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Hi, I'm Mishka!

I am in permanent care in: VIC | Sponsor me from $10 a month
Age: 12
Sex: Female
Breed: German Shepherd
Size: Large
Colour: Black & Tan
Desexed: Yes
Favourite Food: Chicken!
Favourite Activity: Hoarding toys!

Mishka is in our permanent care programme
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Mishka is our sweet senior 12 yr old little girl. She arrived in care extremely emaciated covered in fleas with no hair, she also had 2 large tumors growing from her.
After an extreme amount of medical care it was then almost up to three daily baths with medicated shampoo. We did this in the shower. Every day that Mum needed to wash her hair she got her hair washed as well. Soon her luscious locks grew back and that sparkle in her eye returned. On her vitamins she now runs around like a little puppy. She hoards all the toys and gets upset if anyone takes them! Mishka happily lives out her days in our permanent care programme, it was a very long road to recovery for Mishka but she is now thriving. She can also be sometimes seen at our events hanging out with us, make sure you say hello!

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