Hi, I'm Pixie!

I am in permanent care in: VIC | Sponsor me from $10 a month
Age: 10.5
Sex: Female
Breed: German Shepherd
Size: Large
Colour: Black & Tan
Desexed: Yes
Favourite Food: Roast Chicken!
Favourite Activity: Cuddling and Sleeping

Pixie is in our permanent care programme
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Pixie is one of our more complicated medical palliative care cases. She arrived in care from the RSPCA in SA after spending the first part of her life in a puppy farm.
Our tiny girl took quite some years to adjust to a normal life. She spent most of her first years hiding in the wardrobe, or behind items like the couch and bed. She'd only venture out when there was no real noise.
Fast forward to now Pixie has blossomed into a very well adjusted sweet cuddly girl.

In 2018 she developed an infection in her spinal cord for reasons unknown. This was a major hurdle that we weren't sure she would overcome.
With proper medication, supplements, massage and physio her recovery went better than we ever expected. In April of 2020 she had an event where she collapsed and was rushed to the vet. It was there they found a mass had grown on her spleen and she was losing a lot of blood. Pixie was given the fighting chance she deserved and was rushed into surgery with a blood transfusion to follow. She was then diagnosed with Splenic Hemangiosarcoma, the mass removed from her liver was diagnosed as benign.
Pixies time remaining with us is unknown but we hope to fill each day with love light and laughter

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