Poppy - Applications Closed

Hi, I'm Poppy - Applications Closed!

Located in Windsor, Victoria | Adoption Fee: $460
Age: 3 years old
Sex: Female
Breed: German Shepherd
Size: Large
Colour: Black & Tan
Microchip No: 956000009487013
Desexed: Yes
Wormed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Source: #RE101489
Poppy - Applications Closed is suitable for homes with:
Other Animals
Kids Under 5
Kids 5 - 12


If you are seeking a female shepherd to join your family and are open to a girl who needs some patience and direction in a new environment, Poppy may just be the one for you.  At three years of age,  Poppy is a sweet, gentle loving girl who is ready for her forever home.

Poppy's personality continues to shine through, week after week within foster care.   She has come a long way with the biggest accomplishment in learning to become accepting of larger dogs of dark colour, and with trust in her handlers, Poppy has even been able to undertake walks with a female rottweiler  Ongoing dog socialisation training and exposure is required within Poppy's new home and with Poppy's ability to be refocused when she sights a dog, with time and consistency, Poppy will learn to become accepting of larger dogs she see's.

Poppy's favourite past-times are playing chase or tug-rope, going for a jog or a stroll along the beach at quiet times or heading out for a picnic adventure.

Within the home, Poppy is content with having someone pottering around the home, she adjusts to routines quickly, is very accepting of visitors to the home and gentle with every person she has met.  Throughout the day, Poppy is usually found watching passer-byers through the windows, lounging in the sun in the yard or relaxing nearby to her people

The home we are seeking for Poppy is within a quiet environment, with an experienced or confident handler, where Poppy is the only pet and children aged 8 plus and someone home for company for Poppy.  Poppy has good recall at home, she is food focused for training, will sit, heal, wait/stay, come and lie down, kangaroo jerky will have Poppy responding without a second request.

Poppy is housetrained, she loves her morning cuddles once the alarm goes off, and she loves enrichment games, kongs food puzzles snuffle mat and lickymats are great mental stimulation for Poppy.

If you are missing the pitter patter of paws in your home, have no other pets, someone home throughout the day and the confidence Poppy needs in a handler, please don't hesitate to complete our online adoption application form and we will be in touch to speak with you further regarding Poppy.  If your application is retained on file, please email your expression of interest in Poppy to sweetshepherdadoption@gmail.com


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