Becoming a Foster Carer with SSRA

Without Foster Carers, SSRAI would not exist as it does today.  Our ability to bring dogs into care relies on foster carer availability, the more foster carers we have, the more dogs we can save, all Sweet Shepherd Dogs are housed within loving homes across Victoria.

Our focus is on the senior shepherds, those needing palliative care and medical rehabilitation and if space is available, dogs in pounds at risk of being put to sleep.

We look for foster carers with all levels of experience with GSDs, though especially need experienced foster carers who have breed experience as an adult.  We will ensure that you and your family are matched with a foster dog that suits your experience level and family environment.

As a foster carer, you will receive full support and we supply monthly doses of flea and tick prevention along with food, collar, lead and dog bed if necessary.  All routine veterinary treatment will be paid for by SSRAI at one of our approved veterinary practices.

Every request to become a foster carer is followed up with a phone interview; this helps us match you with the right foster dog.  Following the interview with our Foster Care Coordinator, you will receive our Foster Care Agreement form for signing and return.

Foster Application Form

What sort of dogs can we expect to look after?

Dogs of all ages, from puppies to senior dogs come into care. Behaviour and temperaments of the dogs is obtained as best as possible, prior to the dogs coming into care. Our foster carer coordinator will discuss each dog with you prior to allocating a dog to ensure compatibility.

How long will a dog be in care for?

Dogs can stay in foster care anywhere from a week to several months. Our team is experienced in determining whether a dog will be adopted quickly and we do our best to ensure the right home is found for the dogs, based on the dogs needs. Some dogs move quickly, some dogs do take longer to find a home. Your foster dog has come from a previous home/environment with different rules and will be disorientated. When the dog arrives to you, you could be the 2nd or the 4th person to have handled the dog, Time in foster care allows feedback to our adoption team on the type of forever home that best suits your foster dog.

We go away for holidays regularly, will this impact my foster carer application?

Not at all. Our foster carer coordinator remains in regular contact with all foster carers. If you have a foster dog when your due to go away, an alternate carer will be found.

Can I foster to adopt a dog?

Yes. Many foster carers have adopted their foster dog.(*standard adoption processes apply but we support foster to adopt placements if you can provide the lifetime needs to the dog) If you are ready to take the next step and open your heart and your home to a GSD, please complete our fostering application form on the link on this page and our Foster Care Coordinator will be in contact.
SSRAI is run exclusively by volunteers. Due to most of us working full-time, the quickest way to gain a response is to send an email.
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