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Sweet Shepherd Rescue is a small rescue team based across Victoria, Our dogs are housed across the state via the support of our foster carers across Victoria. Our aim is to find forever homes for our rescue dogs with applications reviewed based on the needs of the dogs. We have taken in puppies from 2 weeks of age through to 15 years of age.

Our dogs come into rescue via our partnerships with Pound/Shelters across Australia, or via owner surrenders. Each dog is assessed by our trusted veterinary professionals across the state to ensure no current health concerns, vaccinations are up to date and desexed prior to re homing.

Dogs that come into SSRA at times do not have back ground information available and its important whilst our dogs are in foster care, assessments are undertaken by the foster carer to assist with determining the appropriate environment for the dog.

Information for Adopting a Sweet Shepherd Rescue Dog

At SSRA each dog is different to the type of home we are seeking as we take into account the past history of the dog.

If you are seeking to adopt a SSRA dog as your new family member, a dog is a lifetime commitment and if you are considering having children or relocating, have you considered how a dog will fit into your plans.

Our dogs have a lot of love and companionship to give to their new owners, in return they ask for commitment to their training needs and offering them a forever home.

Each adoption application and adoption enquiry is responded to via telephone or email. We welcome adoption applications to be completed at any point of time.  Each dog seeking their forever home has a biography including their age, microchip number and the adoption fee available under our adopt tab.

As our dogs are homed within foster care homes across Victoria only shortlisted applicant is selected for a meet & greet.  Although most foster care homes are within the Melbourne area, a meet & greet could also be located in the Western, Eastern or Northern Victorian areas.

Shortlisted applicants, following a successful meet & greet are provided with an adoption trial period and we will keep in contact with you during this period.  SSRA have a high successful rate of initial matching with 98% of adoption trials being finalised.

Existing Pets

It is important to make sure not only your new pet is compatible with the people within your household but also compatible with any existing pets.

Not all dogs are suitable to re home with cats.  Dogs that come into care that are suitable to rehome with a cat/s will be reflected within their biography.  Dogs with no history on behaviors with cats will be re homed within a cat-free environment.

If you currently have two (2) or more dogs and looking to add another family member and reside in a residential area, most councils will require an excess dog permit. It is recommended that you speak with your local council prior to completing your application, to avoid the need to re home your new dog.

If your application is shortlisted for a meet & greet, it is requested that your existing dog(s) attend the meet & greet to ensure both your existing dog and potential new dog respond well.

Information about your home

As part of your adoption application, we will ask for information regarding the layout of the home, area’s the dog will have access, who lives within the home and whether rental property or home owner.  These questions are important to assist with matching the dog to suitable home that meets the dogs needs and also matched right with your family.

Some dogs that come into care are not suitable to re home with children under 12 years of age due to behaviors. Please bring as many members of your household to the meet & greet so everyone can meet the dog before taking him/her home.

If you reside in a rental property, it is important to seek Landlord or Real Estate permission before making the decision to adopt.  If your application is shortlisted for a meet & greet please bring a copy of your lease/letter from Landlord showing the approval.

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SSRAI is run exclusively by volunteers. Due to most of us working full-time, the quickest way to gain a response is to send an email.
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