8 Reasons Why NOT to Get a German Shepherd

1. You Don’t Like Dog Hair Everywhere

This is a very important point. “If you don’t like hair everywhere… YES everywhere”. Then a GSD is not for you. Hair is a major factor that must be taken into account for this breed. They mault and require regular coat maintenance especially if you have a long haired GSD in which case you will also have to deal with knots. Often these dogs come to us matted and full of dead undercoat. If this doesn’t deter you, then make sure you make good friends with your groomer.

2. You Are a Neat Freak

Mud might be great for improving beauty, but it’s not so great when you have a trail of muddy paws or the smell of wet dog wafting through the house. If your are concerned about the effect a dirty / wet / smelly dog can have on your home, then a GSD isn’t for you. Oh, and don’t expect newly purchased items to stay in one piece. GSD’s personally tell me of tales of how their dog beds explode with fluff!

3. You Like Everything to Stay in its Place

GSD’s were created perfectly!! Their tail is the perfect height for sweeping the coffee table and of course there goes your cup of coffee. Kitchen tables are the perfect height for them to rest their heads on while you eat. They also require the large size pooper bags for cleaning up after. Leaving them alone in the backyard with your newest acquisition isn’t so smart either. So if you like to put things down and be able to go back later to pick them up, then perhaps a GSD is not for you.

4. You Want an Outside Dog

Dogs are pack orientated and German Shepherds are no different. They can get separation anxiety from being separated from their pack (and that includes you). They are happiest as a family unit and being left outside unattended only leads to mischief. If you don’t want to share your inside space with a GSD, then they are not the ideal dog for you.

5. You Have No Energy for Play

GSD’s are very active, both mentally and physically. They require both mental and physical stimulation to be happy functioning members of society. Your dog needs to feel useful and needed and be an active member of the family. If you are unable to walk, play and be there for your GSD then they are not the right dog for you.

6. Your Circumstances May Change

Extremely smart and loyal, a GSD remembers their bond with their original owner. When separated a GSD suffers mental and health issues which is exacerbated with being locked up in a pound. Dog ownership is a commitment for the life of a dog. If you plan on having a GSD only for a little while or you think that their size could be an issue. Don’t get one. Rescue is full of dogs that have lost their homes as a result of changes in life circumstances.

7. You Are Looking for a Guard Dog

The perception that all GSD’s are aggressive and make good guard dogs is a myth. They protect their owners as they love and cherish their owners. All dogs, including GSD’s have instinct to guard and protect. However if you are purchasing a GSD to place into the back yard to keep your car and possessions safe may I suggest getting a home alarm system instead.

8. Your Puppy Will be Small Forever

As cute as pups are when they are ‘pup’s they grow up, they get taller, fill out, have huge feet and can weigh a bit, so they are no good as lap dogs. GSD’s can grow quickly and can weigh up to 50kg. Do NOT purchase this breed of dog if you think it will stay small. We see so many surrendered simply because the owner did not think ‘they would grow that big”.

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