An Interview with a Foster Carer

The lovely Shannon has taken some time out to answer some questions about Fostering with Sweet Shepherd Rescue. Have a read below to see what Fostering is all about, and why you should get involved if you can!

What made you decide to become a foster carer?

My partner and I decided to become foster carers as we’d love to be dog owners but can’t afford the costs that come with it due to having other animals. We also only rent our house and don’t want to commit to owning a dog until we own our own home

How did you prepare your home for potential foster dogs coming through to you?

We didn’t have to do much preparation, our house is already dog friendly with high fences and a large backyard. We do have to remember to put our shoes away when we foster puppies!

What are some of the challenges you face as a foster carer?

My main challenge is saying goodbye to the dogs when they go off to their new home. All my fosters have gone to the BEST homes and that does make it easier for me to know they’re going to be happy and looked after for the rest of their lives.

Sometimes the dogs we get don’t have a lot of training, however it never takes longer than a week to learn how to sit and some basic manners!

What’s the best part?!

The dogs always have so much love to give! Even though I get sad when a dog goes on to their forever home I get really excited to meet the next one.

Why Sweet Shepherd Rescue?

I get loads of support from Sweet Shepherd Rescue, if I ever have any questions or a problem someone is always ready to help me. They’re also very acommodating and have other volunteers to help take the dogs to vet appointments if you can’t make them with your own transport.

Why is fostering so important?

Fostering is SO important! It gets dogs out of pounds where life isn’t that great for them and they’re often on a time limit there. It also helps to get the dogs back on the rehabilitation track, to get ready to start their new lives in their forever homes. Having dogs in foster care allow us to get to know more about a dogs personality than you would visiting them at the pound. The more foster carers Sweet Shepherd Rescue have the more dogs they can save!

This all sounds so awesome! How can I get involved?

Please click here to go to our Foster Page  – Here you’ll find more FAQ’s and our Foster application form. Thanks for taking the time to read our blog and considering fostering for Sweet Shepherd Rescue!

SSRAI is run exclusively by volunteers. Due to most of us working full-time, the quickest way to gain a response is to send an email.
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