Lotti & Helga

Lotti’s sad history was at a puppy farm being used for breeding.

Her original name was “Shots!” one that was immediately changed to “Lotti” after Helga took ownership of her newfound dog.

On being surrendered by an apposing family member, Sweet Shepard Rescue had been informed of her age, breeding status and conditions she had been forced to live under.

This poor animal had already had 7 litters of puppies by the age of 6 years old, she had mammary tumors, which were in desperate need of removal, she was malnourished and very thin.

Her ears had suffered from a form of fly strike infestation and she was incredibly timid – almost manic!!!!

Her life consisted of breeding puppies, whilst living her life on a chain.

She was quickly assessed and treated by veterinarians and not long after the removal of all her mammary tissue and desexing, she was fostered out to 2 to 3 different foster homes one after the other.

She was not an easy dog to care for as she had many worrisome issues due to her deprived existence breeding on a chain and mistreatment of her past owner.

Black Shepherd’s appear to strongly bond to certain members in the family and this seemed to present as a problem in foster care with some!

Helga was finally introduced to Lotti, with a meet and great arrangement through the Sweet Shepherd Rescue Australia and it was clear that this relationship would work!

Within 2 days, despite Lotti’s nervous disposition and overwhelming anxiety, she strongly bonded with Helga, not leaving her side.

Helga wasted little time with pampering and exposing “Lotti” to Helga’s busy, day to day lifestyle.

Lotti’s first trip was to the Hairdresser, where by Helga was allowed to bring her into the salon and have her sit by her side.

The next day was Bacchus Marsh Old Age Care Centre, where Helga volunteers once a week with the feeding, socializing and game playing of the aged ones, bringing some joy and interest to their day.

The following day was Blackwood Senior Citizens Club day, where she was also exposed to many who admired her beauty and her devotion to her new found owner.

Helga also has frequent visitors to her own home, where ones socialize together while playing cards.

Helga by the way is currently 86 years of age and has owned Lotti for nearly 3 years.

She walks Lotti 3 times a day for half an hour at a time as Helga doesn’t quite walk terribly fast any more due to a previous heart condition.

Since owning Lotti though! Her heart specialist has basically said that she no longer needs her pace maker, as her heart has taken its normal rhythm and no longer is of concern now.

Many good things have come from this saving, to say the very least!

Lotti has had a second chance of life, one where by she is able to be the devoted astute dog she was bred to be!!!!

A life every dog deserves……!

Helga; who is a widow, has more joy in her life than she can ever remember and a healthier existence through her genuine care and nurture of this dog.

And for those who live in the Old Age Facility, have a peaceful interaction with an animal, which has no hidden agenda and can admire her Poise, Beauty and Grace.

And for the public that Helga comes in contact with, she shares Lotti’s story with profound overview of inspiration from others.

I wish for Peace Love and Happiness for the wonderful system in place by the Sweet Shepherd Rescue Australia.

With many thanks to Helga for sharing her story!

Written by Helga’s daughter Sylvia Deppeler

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