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You may have already seen our posts to welcome young Rango who is 2 years old. As we mentioned Rango’s story is a rather unpleasant one. Rango was roaming and was then found just before midnight after he had been hit by a car. His owner was not interested in providing any care for him even though his back leg was very obviously broken.

After suffering for 5 days with his leg still broken and then a messy surrender process RSPCA Sydney had a surgeon pin and plate his femur. Poor Rango is still so full of love and cuddles and energy. The shelter environment is not at all ideal to heal a broken leg as well as the general concern of a young shepherd being confined in a kennel environment for the minimum 8 week rehab process.

Unfortunately this sweet boy still has a few more months of rehab to finish up. We would like to get him into a forever home with our full medical and financial support so he bonds to his new family during his rehab.
We are on the search for this neglected boys new family. Preferably if you have another dog it would be an older female. He would need someone home with him so they can assist the gentle rehab and care. Rango would not be good with cats or pocket pets. Older children would be fine but younger children could hinder the gentle rehab process this lovely boy needs.

Do you want to give Rango his second chance????

Lets get this boy into a home to be spoilt beyond belief 

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