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 Hunter arrived into care under the requirement of needing surgery to fix his right cruciate, and that this happened recently.

🩺 He has been assessed by our orthopaedic/surgical team.After all his testing, radiographs and a chat with his surgeon we are behind the scenes creating a care plan for him.

He has been in quite a lot of pain for quite some time. All 4 legs have a degree of orthopaedic damage. His left and right cruciate have both snapped, but his left has taken some of the bone with it.

💊 With all the medications on board he will hopefully feel some relief for the first time in a long time. Whilst we prepare him for his right TTA and stabilizing surgery, we need you now more than we've ever needed you!!

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📸 Special thanks to Colleen over at Siroka Park Photography who kindly donated her time to us and Hunter to get the stunning photos of Hunter!

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