Rehoming Your GSD

At SSRA we understand that situations arise when our beloved family members need to be re homed.

We do not charge a fee for surrendering your dog.  This is to prevent your dog ending up in the wrong hands.   Advertising your dog as free to good home on Facebook Buy Swap & Sell Sites or Gumtree is very dangerous.

We have two rehoming programs, our foster care program is for senior, medical or palliative care shepherds of any age.    Our second program, available to owners across all states/territories is our assisted rehoming program.

We are not able to assist dogs with the following issues, as we must ensure the safety of our foster carers, their families and their existing pets :

  • Dangerous
  • Deemed illegal under Victorian Restricted Dog Breeds
  • Human Reactive – where your dog has bitten or harmed human and undergoing trial
  • Dog Reactive – severity of reactivity to be assessed and discussed

Our surrender process for senior; palliative care or medical rehab is simple and non-judgemental.  We are a small team of volunteers and we will be in touch as soon as we can either via phone or email for more information.  We will discuss with you your dogs behaviours, knowing both the good and negative behaviours is important, along with current & past vet history  as this assists in finding the right foster home.

Once we agree with you that we are able to assist you with re homing your German Shepherd,  there are three (3) very important steps that you will need to undertake.

  • Surrender form/Assisted Rehoming agreement form will be emailed to you for completion and return
  • Microchip Change of Ownership form needs to be completed and returned
  • Copies of previously completed vet work (vaccinations, desexing, microchip & history) will be requested to be provided.

Assisted Re-homing

Our Assisted Re homing Program, is available to owners across all states and territories.  Under this program, SSRA is able to assist you with finding a suitable home for your Shepherd.  We will talk with you about your dogs behaviours, training needs, vet work undertaken, along with the reason for re homing.

If a volunteer is not able to attend in person, we will request the following to be provided to commence Assisted Re homing :

  • Video footage of behaviors of the dog, along with photo’s
  • Assisted Re homing form will be emailed to you for completion and return
  • Copy/Verification of ownership, vet work (vaccinations, desexing, microchip) must be available to be provided
  • Overview of your dog’s personality

Once the information is received, SSRA will contact previous applicants if a match, or prepare your dogs biography and listing on our Facebook, website and Rescue Network site.

SSRA will review and shortlist adoption applications, conducting initial phone calls to ensure applicant is a suitable match.  We will keep in contact with you throughout the process.

If the meet & greet is successful, with both parties happy, the applicant becomes the owner of the dog.  There is no charge to owners for assisted rehoming, in-fact we split the adoption fee with you.

Complete our rehoming form with as much detail as you can and we will be in touch.

SSRAI is run exclusively by volunteers. Due to most of us working full-time, the quickest way to gain a response is to send an email.
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