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Sweet Shepherd Rescue Inc is committed to providing aid to the German Shepherd dog breed through rescue, education and rehabilitation. Through our expert medical care program we ensure difficult medical cases are given the best chances at survival, while our foster program provides care for senior and palliative care dogs.  

We offer an assisted rehoming service which utilises our stringent adoption guidelines to rehome dogs into appropriate homes, stopping the cycle of animal abuse and backyard breeding. Our seniors program takes in old souls who are given the chance to live out their twilight years in comfort, often with complex medical needs. Sweet Shepherd Rescue Inc aims to educate families about the German Shepherd breed to ensure all of these sweet and often misunderstood dogs are a welcomed family member.

Our Rescue

Our Rescue Established in 2013 and based in Victoria, Sweet Shepherd Rescue Australia Inc. (SSRA) offers rescue, education and rehabilitation to German Shepherd dogs all across Australia, through our extensive network of volunteers and staff. We are a registered not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the German Shepherd breed, and are continually looking for support through assistance from volunteers, donations and pledges.

A pretty big task to take on; if you can assist us in caring for any of these dogs through fostering, adoption or donation, please get in touch!

Seniors Program

When dogs of any breed get older, they can become too difficult for many families to manage, and the German Shepherd breed can experience a range of afflictions in their later years. Thankfully, SSRA offers refuge to these beautiful seniors, complete with a comfy bed, blankets and all the creature comforts they deserve, as well as any medical needs attended to with our full support and consideration. We recognise that caring for a senior, especially through the inevitable, is a special job and not for everyone, which is why we offer a senior sponsorship pledge for those looking to care for one of these senior souls but without the ability to provide the emotional or medical support. These pledges enable us to provide ongoing care and medical treatment to seniors. In return for your commitment to them, we provide you with monthly updates and a 100% tax deductible receipt of your donation.


Founder / Director

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Sammy says: “Adopting Lilly in 2010 was an eye opener to me and we wanted to find out more about the hidden world of back yard breeding, puppy farms and the organisations who rescue these animals. Initially I became involved by providing transport and organizing German Shepherd rescues across Australia. Once I had amassed a significant amount of understanding and knowledge about the rescue world, I decided to apply for an ABN number in March 2013. In July of 2013 we received our Incorporation status, I was very proud and excited for the future of SSRAI. Since then there have been many changes and additions to our organisation; ones I am particularly proud of; are our senior palliation program and our extremely high success rate of parvo virus cases. Our team continues to grow and strives to give the best to each and every dog that comes into our care.”



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Ange has been part of Sweet Shepherd since 2015, when first assisting as a foster carer for 18 months, welcoming 14 dogs into her home, Ange then took on the adoption coordinator role after foster failing with Maddi. Located within the North East Victoria region, Ange has Candy 6 ½ yrs old GSD, along with Maddi 9 yr old Swiss Shepherd and Bailey, an 11 yr old cavspaniel. “Matching our dogs into their forever homes, seeing and hearing progress updates from their new owners, whether its been a couple of weeks or even over a year after adoption, is one of the best parts of being on the SSRA team. Our focus is providing the best forever home for the dogs in our care”


Events Extraordinaire

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Hi I’m Sam’s dad; I have always loved Sam’s passion for animals and rescue. I only wish there was a lot more people like Sam.



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How did I get into rescue? I believe this is the path my life has traveled. I was always the kid that found the stray and took it home. Many a kitten I have found in a haystack, they eventually made it into my home when they were old enough to leave mum. From a young age all my pets were strays or from homes were accidents happened. Presently I have 2 adopted cats, 1 adopted dog from Sweet Shepherd and 1 pure breed GSD fully papered. To see a dog come into rescue lost and confused, then to move into a home were they will be loved for the rest of their life is beautiful. To be able to help them on this journey is gratifying.


Auction Coordinator

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Fundraising Coordinator

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SSRAI is run exclusively by volunteers. Due to most of us working full-time, the quickest way to gain a response is to send an email.
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